Women In Horror Month

February is a special month because it aims a square focus on Women In Horror. There's a lot of muttering about this month, or, more specifically, about the need for this month (given the richness and diversity of women working in the industry), but at the moment, anything that shines a determined light on fabulous women writers is to be welcomed. Here's my two blog entries for this month below... The Motherhood of the Monstrous series curated by Jim Mcleod. Article on 'Domestic Gothic: From Shirley Jackson to Gillian Flynn' The Women In Horror Mixtape edited by Mark West. Read my piece on 'The Cat Jumps' by Elizabeth Bowen. And after that, read! Read lots of fiction by great contemporary wo

Review from Bastian Books

Very excited today to read a review of The Unheimlich Manoeuvre on Bastian's Book Reviews. It's a lovely review that also offers some constructive feedback (my favourite kind of review). Thanks so much to the reviewer for taking the time to read and write about it. I really appreciate it. You can read the review on the site. I've also reproduced it here, below... http://www.bastianbalthasarbooks.co.uk/2017/01/book-review-unheimlich-manoeuvre-by.html The Unheimlich Manoeuvre. What a glorious title. The sort of title that made me pick it up and a stall at one of the conventions I attended last year (probably Fantasycon-by-the-Sea) and ignore the cover design (which I didn't really like) and th

'Holy Fire' now in print.

Well, my story, 'Holy Fire' (inspired by a visit to Bucharest in 2015) is seeing the light of day! It's appearing in The Book of Blaphemous Words, edited by CJ Miles of the lovely collective that is A Murder of Storytellers. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma - hometown of one of my teen idols, writer S.E. Hinton they've brought out a steady trickle of quality anthologies, all quirky, all interesting. Here's what they say about The Book of Blasphemous Words. “Book of Blasphemous Words is a weird fiction, horror, and speculative fiction anthology about humanity’s relationship with its gods. When we answer the call for salvation from the bondage of the material—when we believe in gods—we reach a hand in

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