Into The Woods

Delighted to be appearing in this anthology - my short story, 'The Green Road' will be featured in Hic Dragones' Into The Woods. I'm especially proud of appearing on the cover, my name listed with Ramsey Campbell's, the man S.T. Joshi once called 'the leading horror writer of our generation.' Honestly, sometimes I'm a little overwhelmed at how far I've come in a few years. It really has been quite magical. It's also quite special to me to appear in another Hic Dragones anthology as they published my first ever short story, 'Looking For Wildgoose Lodge' back in 2013.

Writing the Fairy Fort

My first post of the new year. This one's about Irish fairy forts, a theme I've been drawn to since childhood. The image above shows the fort beside my parents' house. Now sadly diminished due to ruthless pruning, this was originally a large fort with trees, large rocks jutting out of the ground and a complex, interpenetrating set of passages under the furze bushes. We were obsessed with the Famous Five as children, especially with their ability to go off on random adventures without any adult supervision - with a packet of sandwiches and gingerbeer parcelled up by a dutiful cook, no less. So this fort became our Kirrin Island, our place of independence. We called it The Secret Place, not he

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