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​(Absinthe Booka, an imprint of PS Publishing, 2023)

Life is tough. And then there's The Change...

A woman, ignored and invisible, starts to discover her voice. But who—or what—is speaking though her?

Part body-horror, part feminist fiction, They Shut Me Up poses the question: how can we retell historic female narratives?



​(Sinister Horror Company, 2021)

Eighteen unsettling narratives map the female experience from puberty to menopause.

I Spit Myself Out is a collection of female-voiced stories exploring the terror that lurks beneath the surface of the skin. In this collection, an Anatomical Venus opens to display her organs, clients of a mysterious clinic disappear one by one, a police investigation reveals family secrets, revenge is inked in the skin, and bodies pulsate in the throes of illness, childbirth and religious ritual.

Disturbing and provoking in equal turns, I Spit Myself Out reinvents the body as a breeding ground of terrors that resurface inexorably in the present.

The Unheimlih Manoeuvre Deluxe Edition.j


​(Sinister Horror Company, 2020)

This new Deluxe Edition of The Unheimlich Manoeuvre contains the original 14 stories, augumented by Fahey’s essay ‘Creative Evocations of Uncanny Domestic Spaces,’ five additional stories, an original print and piece, ‘Remembering Wildgoose Lodge,’ and complete story notes for all tales featured in this edition. The completist's dream, this edition is a beautiful hardback and the definitive collection of Fahey's tales of the uncanny.




Unheimlich Manoeuvres in the Dark.jpg


​(Sinister Horror Company, 2020)

Unheimlich Manoeuvres In The Dark is a chapbook containing all the new material that appears in the deluxe edition of The Unheimlich Manoeuvre - Fahey’s essay ‘Creative Evocations of Uncanny Domestic Spaces,’ five additional stories, an original print and piece, ‘Remembering Wildgoose Lodge,’ and complete story notes for all tales featured in this edition.


The ideal accompaniment for those who have read and enjoyed the original The Unheimlich Manoeuvre.





​(Black Shuck Books, 2018)

New Music For Old Rituals brings together a selection of stories that illustrate the pervasive power of the past in the present. Together they present a strange yet familiar country where cautionary tales still serve a purpose; where sacred sites of sea, forest, valley and forts hold power, where old legends live, and where new myths are born.

Within the pages of New Music for Old Rituals, bog bodies sleep, contagion rages, ancient rituals are enacted, battles are fought, ghosts linger, and time stutters, fails and turns back on itself.






​(The Sinister Horror Company, 2018)

The Unheimlich Manoeuvre is a collection of short stories based around ideas of the domestic uncanny – the Unheimlich. The stories in this collection don’t fall into the conventional ‘haunted house’ bracket, but explore the psychological horror that occurs when home is subverted as a place of safety, when it becomes surreal, changes, and even disappears… In these stories, a coma patient awakes to find herself replaced by a doppelganger, a ghost estate reflects doubles of both of houses and inhabitants, a shared paranormal experience abroad haunts both protagonists on their return home, a woman looks for the site of a Gothic atrocity, a housing estate takes control of its trespassers, and a beaten woman exacts revenge.


Just as the Heimlich Manoeuvre restores order, health and well-being, the Unheimlich Manoeuvre does quite the opposite.




Complete Discography:

They Shut Me Up (2023). Novella. (London: PS Publishing) part of Absinthe Books imprint, ed. Marie O'Regan

'Tracing The Spectre' (2023). Reprint in Tales of the Otherworld (Dublin: Gill Books)

'Uhripuu' (2023) in Unquiet Grove. (Egaeus Press) (ed. Mark Beech)

'Asylum' (2023) in Lost Atlantis (London: Flametree Press) (ed. Gillian Whitaker)

'Witchwalking' (2023) in Fiends in the Furrows III (Chicago: Nosetouch Press) (ed. DT Neal, Christine Scott)

'Buried' (2023) in Future Folk Horror  (Rowman & Littlefield). Reprint with short essay 'Buried: Folk Horror As Retrieval'

'Land of the Foreigner' (2022) in Terror Tales of the Scottish Lowlands (Telos Press) (ed. Paul Finch)

'Wormhole' (2022) in Ebb Tides (Hersham Horror) (ed. James Everington)

I Spit Myself Out (2021). Single author short story collection  (Bristol: The Sinister Horror Company).

'The Hungry Grass' (2020) Reprinted in Best New Horror #30. (London: PS Publishing) (ed. Stephen Jones)

'Dearg-An-Daol' (2020) in Fiend In The Furrows II  (Chicago: Nosetouch Press) (ed. DT Neal, Christine Scott)

'Down We Go Together' (2020) in Detective Thrillers: Short Stories (London: Flame Tree Publishing) (ed. Gillian Whitaker)

'The Cure' (reprint) (2020) in Infected II: Tales To Read At Home (Australia: Things In The Well) (ed. Steve Dillon)

'Graveyard of the Lost' (reprint) (2020) in Graveyard Smash: Women of Horror 2 (New York: Kandisha Press)

'I Write Your Name' (2020) in You Are Not Alone (Bristol: Storgy)

The Unheimlich Manoeuvre Deluxe Edition (2020). Single author short story collection. Third edition with additional material. (Bristol: The Sinister Horror Company).

Unheimlich Manoeuvres In The Dark (2020). Single author short story mini-collection with essay and story notes.  (Bristol: The Sinister Horror Company).

‘Listen To My Skin’ (2019) in After The Sirens Have Faded (Tulsa: A Murder Of Storytellers) (ed. Ryan Bradley)

‘The Cure’ (2019) in Songs for the Elephant Man (Leicester; Mantle Arts Press) (ed. Matthew Pegg)

‘Sin Deep’ (2018) in Supernatural Tales Vol. 40 (ed. David Langhorn)

New Music For Old Rituals (2018). Single author short story collection. (Kent: Black Shuck Books)

‘The Woman in the Moon’ (2018) in Uncertainties III (Dublin: Swan River Press) (ed. Lynda Rucker)

‘The Black Dog’ and companion essay (2018) in Spooky Isles Book of Horror, The Spooky Isles (ed. Andrew Garvey)

‘Come Away’ and companion essay (2018) in Spooky Isles Book of Horror, The Spooky Isles (ed. Andrew Garvey)

The Black Room Manuscripts 4. Anthology co-edited with J.R. Park. (Bristol: The Sinister Horror Company).

‘That Thing I Did.’ (2018) in The Black Room Manuscripts 4. (Bristol: The Sinister Horror Company).

The Unheimlich Manoeuvre (2018). Single author short story collection. Second edition with additional material. (Bristol: The Sinister Horror Company).

‘The Thing Upstairs’ (2017). Pocket Guide to the Sinister Horror Company. Commissioned short (Bristol: The Sinister Horror Company).

‘Fingertip-to-fingertip’ (2017). Commissioned fiction piece for MA in Art and Process show catalogue, Future Marginalia, the Crawford College of Art, CIT.

The Girl In The Fort (2017). Novella. (Leicester: Fennec, Fox Spirit Press)

‘All Our Rooms Are Ensuite’ (2017) in Women in Horror Annual 2, (ed. C. Rachel Katz)

‘The Wrong House’ (2017) in Imposter Syndrome, Dark Minds Press (eds. James Everington and Dan Howarth)

 ‘The Woman Next Door’ (2017) in Mrs. Rochester’s Attic, Mantle Press (ed. Matthew Pegg)

‘Playing In Their Own Time’ (2017) in Cold Iron, Iron Press (eds. Peter Mortimer and Eileen Jones)

‘The Green Road’ (2017) in Into The Woods, Hic Dragones Press (ed. Hannah Kate).

The Unheimlich Manoeuvre (2016). Single author short story collection. (Derby: Boo Books Press).

 ‘The Crow War’ (2016), in digital companion to Tales From The Lake Vol.3, Crystal Lake Publishing (ed. Monique Snyman).

‘Your Flight Time Has Been Changed’ (2016) in Now Playing in Theatre B, A Murder of Storytellers (ed. Jack Burgos)

‘Scarecrow, Scarecrow on the Hill’ (2016) in Dystopian Express, Hydra Publishing (ed. Frank Hall)

‘The Cillini’ (2016) in Piercing the Vale, Fox Spirit Press (ed. Adele Wearing)

‘Wherever You Go, There You Are’ (2016) in In An Unknown Country, Fox Spirit Press (ed. Adele Wearing)

 ‘Something Nasty in the Woodshed’ (2015) in Onyx Neon Shorts Presents: Horror Collection, Onyx Neon Press (eds. Jacob Michael King and Jeffrey P. Martin)

‘Walking the Borderlines’ (2015) in Darkest Minds, Dark Minds Press (eds. Ross Warren, Anthony Watson)

'Under the Whitethorn' (2015) in Faed, A Murder of Storytellers, (ed. Adrean Messmer)

 ‘I Look Like You. I Speak Like You. I Walk Like You' (2015) in United Jotters Lit-zine Issue 10, Loose Fit 

 ‘Long Shadows' (2014), in Where Dreams and Visions Live (ed. Mary Blowers)

 ‘The Changeling’ (2014) in Drag Noir, Fox Spirit Press (ed. K.A.Laity)

‘Ghost Estate, Phase II’ (2014) in Hauntings, Hic Dragones Press (ed. Hannah Kate)

‘Coming Back’ (2014) in Girl At The End Of The World, Fox Spirit Press (ed. Adele Wearing)

‘Looking for Wildgoose Lodge’ (2013) in Impossible Spaces, Hic Dragones Press (ed. Hannah Kate)




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