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The uncanny return of The Unhemlich Manoeuvre

I'm delighted to announce the re-release of my first collection, The Unheimlich Manoeuvre. This 2016 collection died a premature death in 2016 when the publishing house who launched it ceased to exist. Nevertheless, the collection, limited to its initial press run of 150 hardback copies, persisted like an uncanny shadow, ending up nominated for Best Collection at the British Fantasy Awards in 2017.

And then some wonderful serendipity. The Sinister Horror Company offered me the chance to re-release it in a new edition; the handsome image you see here.

Thanks to Lol Tolhurst for reading the book and providing the cover quote. Special thanks to Justin Park of The Sinister Horror Company who worked so hard to make this edition the jewel it is, from designing the cover, to editing the whole, to advising me on the inclusion of the additional story.

So here it is. Resurrected. Like Freud's very definition of the Unheimlich; no matter what circumstances arise, this is a book that just keeps coming back...

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