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Goth: A History by Lol Tolhurst review – the dark is rising (Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, Thu 21 Sep 2023)

The Cure’s Lol Tolhurst: ‘Goth is about being in love with the melancholy beauty of existence' (Julian Coman, The Observor, Sun 17 Sept 2023)

Mapping The Female. Body: Landscapes of Horror . Article on Supernatural Cities website at University of Portsmouth. 2021.

I Spit Myself Out: Contemporary Female Body Horror . Article by Tracy Fahey. 2021.

The Horror of Embodiment: Essay review of I Spit Myself Out by Rowan Fortune. 2021.

I Spit Myself Out: Q&A with Tracy Fahey. Interview with Priya Sharma. 2021.

Interview with Gothic author Tracy Fahey / Entrevista con Tracy Fahey, escritora gótica. Interview with Alicia Dominguez Perez. 2021.

Writing the Body: ‘I Spit Myself Out. Article by Tracy Fahey on James Everington's 'Scattershot Writings.' 2021.

I Spit Myself Out. Article by Tracy Fahey on Mark West's 'Strange Tales.' 2021.

Release Day: Interview with Tracy Fahey . Interview with Rebbie Reviews. 2021.

Review of I Spit Myself Out by Ross Jeffrey in Storgy magazine. 2021.

Sixmilebridge academic explores female terror during lockdown. Article by Fiona McGarry in The Clare Champion. 2021.

Tracy Fahey, Irish Gothic writer on her new book about female terror and writing during Covid-19. Article on I Love Limerick. 2021.

Irish author Tracy Fahey overcomes limitations of lockdown to produce a new collection of stories. Article by Paddy Ryan in the Tipperary Times. 2021

Tracy beats lockdown with new collection of stories. Article by Pat Flynn in The Clare Herald. 2021. 

Interview with the author Tracy Fahey and the man behind her, J.R. Park. Interview with Alicia Dominguez Perez. 2021.

Review of The Unheimlich Manoeuvre Deluxe Edition by Well Read Beard. 2021.

The Hidden Uncanny. Essay review of The Unheimlich Manoeuvre by Rowan Fortune. 2020.

Women in Horror Month Interview With Author Tracy Fahey. Interview with PromoteHorror. 2020.

Horror Author Tracy Fahey. InterviewInterview with Nico Bell. 2020.

The Return of the Repressed: Further Unheimlich Manoeuvres. Talking about new releases on Priya Sharma's blog. 2020.

Escape Room: Tracy Fahey. Interview with award-winning author Georgina Bruce. 2019.

Interview with Tracy Fahey, FantasyCon 2019. Interview with John McNee on YouTube. 2019.

'The Black Dog' on Ladies of Horror Fiction Present Stories Of Horror. Podcast with Toni Miller of LOHF reading 'The Black Dog.'

The Lowdown with...Tracy Fahey. Interview with Simon Bestwick. 2019.

WIHM: Contemporary Dystopias; Women, Bodies, Horror. Article on The Horror Tree site. 2019

Women in Horror Month Interview With Author Tracy Fahey. Interview with PromoteHorror. 2019

The Past is Always Present: New Music for Old Rituals. Piece on Colleen Anderson's blog.

TIH 236: J.R. Park and Tracy Fahey on The Black Room Manuscripts, Irish Folklore, and Real Life Horror. Podcast with This Is Horror. 2018

TIH 237: J.R. Park and Tracy Fahey on Anthologies, Story Obstacles, and Collaborations. Podcast with This Is Horror. 2018

In Pursuit of The Flow: ‘New Music For Old Rituals’ author Tracy Fahey talks to Kendall Reviews. Interview with Kendall Reviews. 2018

The Stephen King Mixtape. Short piece on King's 'Strawberry Spring.' 2018.

Childhood Fears by Tracy Fahey. Article for Ginger Nuts of Horror site. 2018.

Domestic Gothic: From Shirley Jackson to Gillian Flynn. Article for Ginger Nuts of Horror site. 2017.

The Women In Horror Mixtape. Short piece on Elizabeth Bowen's 'The Cat Jumps.'

Fairy Drag: Or, How I Wrote The Changeling. On my short story, 'The Changeling.' 2014.

My Favourite Fictional World. On Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House. 2014.

Meet The Author: Tracy Fahey. Interview with Hic Dragones. 2013.

What Speculative Fiction Taught Tracy Fahey. Interview with Bookworm Blues. 2013.

Looking for Wildgoose Lodge. Interview with Hannah Kate. 2013.

Tracy Fahey has also spoken about her own creative practice at conferences in Ireland, Denmark and the US; she has taken part in many panels and round tables on fiction and film. She has run creative writing workshops online and in person for institutions and events including University of Christchurch, Canterbury, University of Falmouth, the UK Ghost Story Festival, and the Ennis Book Festival.

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