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Women In Horror Month

February is a special month because it aims a square focus on Women In Horror. There's a lot of muttering about this month, or, more specifically, about the need for this month (given the richness and diversity of women working in the industry), but at the moment, anything that shines a determined light on fabulous women writers is to be welcomed.

Here's my two blog entries for this month below...

The Motherhood of the Monstrous series curated by Jim Mcleod. Article on 'Domestic Gothic: From Shirley Jackson to Gillian Flynn'

The Women In Horror Mixtape edited by Mark West. Read my piece on 'The Cat Jumps' by Elizabeth Bowen.

And after that, read!

Read lots of fiction by great contemporary women writers like V.H. Leslie, Priya Sharma, Laura Mauro, Georgina Bruce, Cate Gardner, Marget Helgadottir, S.P. Miskowski, Maura McHugh and so many more!

Make every month Women In Horror month!

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