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The Black Room Manuscripts: Volume Four

It's finally come to fruition. This project forms the final part of The Black Room Manuscripts series of charity anthologies, originally conceived of by Daniel Marc Chant of the Sinister Horror Company. Thanks to JR Park who invited me to work on the concluding installment of an excellent series.

This final volume features twenty-four tales of terror curated by JR Park and myself, and featuring the fine short fiction of Ramsey Campbell, VH Leslie, Gary McMahon, JL George, Margret Helgadottir, KA Laity, Mark West, Duncan P. Bradshaw, James Everington, Marie O'Regan, John McNee, Benedict J. Jones, CL Raven, Simon Avery, Hannah Kate, Penny Jones, Mark Cassell, Erik Hofstatter, Stephen Bacon and Elizabeth Davis.

Pre-order it here and support our chosen charity Refuge.

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