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I Spit Myself Out...coming February 13th 2021


Eighteen unsettling narratives map the female experience from puberty to menopause. 'I Spit Myself Out' is a collection of female-voiced stories exploring the terror that lurks beneath the surface of the skin. In this collection, an Anatomical Venus opens to display her organs, clients of a mysterious clinic disappear one by one, a police investigation reveals family secrets, revenge is inked in the skin, and bodies pulsate in the throes of illness, childbirth and religious ritual. Disturbing and provoking in equal turns, 'I Spit Myself Out' reinvents the body as a breeding ground of terrors that resurface inexorably in the present. 'I Spit Myself Out' will be available on Kindle, Paperback from Amazon and the Sinister Horror Company website from the 13th February 2021. For any enquiries or further information visit:


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