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Writing Updates

I haven't updated in a while, but here are some scraps and fragments of news...

I'm delighted to say I've had two short stories accepted for publication: 'Sin Deep' for Nightscript V and 'Inside Out' which has just been published in Volume 40 of Supernatural Tales. My short short story, 'Fast Car' will come out in a book of flash fiction edited by Joe Myrnhardt of Crystal Lake. I've also written some stories that I've dispatched into the void to seek new horror homes: 'Possession,' 'It Comes Up,' 'You're Next' and 'Listen To My Skin.'

For Women In Horror month, I wrote a blog post for Colleen Anderson on folk horror, The Past is Always Present: New Music for Old Rituals, and a piece for the Horror Tree website - Contemporary Dystopias: Women, Bodies, Horror as well as doing an interview with Promote Horror.

And speaking of interviews, I've been doing some more of these, with Simon Bestwick on The Lowdown, talking to Kendall Reviews about New Music For Old Rituals, and with Georgina Bruce as part of her Escape Room series.

Finally, I'm grateful for the love that keeps rolling in for The Unheimlich Manoeuvre with thoughtful and insightful reviews by Kit Power on Gingernuts of Horror, D.K. Hundt on Kendall Reviews, and Kimberley Wolkens who won a runner-up award in the Writers' Domain review competition for her critique of The Unheimlich Manoeuvre. Thanks so much to you all.

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