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PTSD! It's here!

Oh man! It's finally arrived; that time period that seemed the stuff of dreams a mere few weeks ago. Post Thesis Submission Time. And not only that, it's also Post Viva Time! Yes, I'm now a doctor, licensed to write at will and prescribe books for everyone! This PhD has been an amazing ride. It's buoyed up my confidence in myself and my writing. For the first time in a long time, I don't feel like a fraud when around other academics, now I'm a 'proper' member of the tribe.

Of course now that this huge challenge is over, I have lots of others on the horizon. I have two book chapters to finish - and I'm kind of in the mood to do them this week. About a day's worth of thesis corrections to do too.

And then? And then come the scary challenge of being creative. My first short story collection is in the (hopefully) tender hands of Boo Books, but a second is germinating in my brain...not to mention a third.

Looking forward to getting serious about getting creative...

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