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Tracy Fahey is an Irish writer. She has been shortlisted for Best Collection at the British Fantasy Awards (2017 and 2022), for the Leicester Short Story Prize (2021) and for the London Independent Short Story Prize (2024). Her work deals principally with reimagined folklore and female Gothic. Fahey's short fiction has appeared in more than 40 Irish, UK, US and Australian anthologies and has been reviewed in the Times Literary Supplement. Her writing is supported by residencies in Ireland, Greece and Finland and funded by Grants Under The Arts and an Individual Arts Bursary. She was awarded Saari Fellow status for 2023 by the Kone Foundation to research a new collection which examines the relationship between older women, folklore and power. 

Her most recent book, the feminist folklore novella They Shut Me Up (PS Publishing, 2023) was described by Interzone magazine as ‘a gargantuan ice-breaking ship of a book. Like Angela Carter before her, Tracy Fahey has done something fundamentally new and necessary with old and misunderstood stories.’ 

Sample one of her short stories here.

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