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Tracy Fahey is an Irish writer. She has been twice shortlisted for Best Collection at the British Fantasy Award—in 2017 for The Unheimlich Manoeuvre, and in 2022 for I Spit Myself Out.  Fahey’s short fiction is published in over forty American, British, Australian and Irish anthologies and has been reviewed in the Times Literary Supplement. Sample one of her short stories hereFahey has lately been Guest of Honour at the UK Ghost Story Festival, Derby 2022 and Fantasticon, Copenhagen 2023. Her fiction writing is supported by residencies in Ireland, Finland and Greece, and most recently, a 2022 Individual Arts Bursary, a 2023 Grant Under The Arts, and a 2023 Saari Fellowship awarded by the Kone Foundation.

Her latest book, the feminist folklore novella, They Shut Me Up (PS Publishing) is available to order online or from bookstores in the UK and Ireland. 

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